Introducing Boodah Quips and Brutha Boodah

Our first blog might as well be the story of Boodah Quips. My brother and I created this company during the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest disaster in our lifetime. For over ten years we had discussed starting a company producing t-shirts with funny slogans, but working full time and living across the country from each other made it hard. One of us lives in Los Angeles and the other in New York City, where we were both brought up and where our mom still lives. Living in NYC, the pandemic’s epicenter has made life especially stressful and has created high anxiety. On top of that, in April, our dad died of natural causes.  

We discussed how we wanted to cheer up our mom and add some levity to this challenging time.  Our company idea popped up again and we realized now would be a great time to provide laughter and smiles through our words and our products. We’re in the business of making people laugh with comedic slogans and our first products are face masks and t-shirts.  When our products make you laugh, jackpot!  

We named our company Boodah Quips simply because we love buddhas and quips!  We grew up in a home with multiple porcelain cherubic buddhas, also known as the “Laughing Buddha.” Our dad was funny and always spewed out quips, so we kids have the DNA to do the same, and one of us was a staff comedy writer for TV series.  So, we combined our two loves from childhood to create our company name and included our laughing buddha in our logo to represent the joy he, and we, will bring to all.

We created the Brutha Boodah character to represent our brand as we celebrate his happy way-of-life with a touch of snarkiness. Brutha Boodah, like us, is from New York City, loves hip-hop, eating pizza, and seeking fun!  He’s street-smart and tells it like it is. Of course, his words are always said in fun. Brutha Boodah spells “Boodah” differently because he doesn't want to be confused with other buddhas. He claims he’s one of a kind. Cocky, we know. You’ll see him on our face masks and t-shirts.    

At our core, we are a young, fun, and edgy brand and we love to make you laugh. Join us!

  • Lina on

    We love our masks! Quick delivery, great customer service, they look amazing and make great gifts. Great fit for the whole family.

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